Reopening Plan, Appointment Booking Process, and Safety Protocol

Reopening Plan:

We are pleased to announce that The Brow Guru will be gradually reopening starting on July 27th. All threading services will be available. We are so excited to be able to safely invite y’all back into the studio to be #blessedbytheguru

The Ontario government and Ottawa Public Health have reopened the region to Stage 3 as of July 18, 2020. Most businesses in the city including Personal Care Services are now permitted to gradually reopen with public health and workplace safety restrictions in place.

“…All services that tend to a customer’s face are permitted (e.g., facials, ear piercing, eyebrow grooming and eyelash extensions). Patrons must wear face coverings except while receiving services on an area of their face that would otherwise be covered by a face covering.”

Read more here:

The health and safety of our clients and the community is our first priority and we will be diligently following recommended protocols on: mandatory mask wearing, capacity limitations, hand sanitizing, consistent cleaning and disinfecting of the studio space and all equipment, and implementing a requisite pre-appointment questionnaire/self-assessment.

Appointment Booking Process:

Please note that appointments will only be booked via our Waiting List. If you have not yet added your name onto our waiting list, please do so! At this time, this will be the only way to be able to book an initial appointment once we reopen.

Head over to to fill out our contact form and secure your spot in line! We will start reaching out to clients very soon and will do our best to post updates as we move through the waiting list. Please ensure that all information submitted in the form is accurate so that we can reach you to book your appointment.

Online booking will be available again at a later date. We will be transitioning back to our previous booking system as we move towards the end of our waiting list.

Due to new safety measures, we will not be able to accommodate as many appointments as usual. These measures are in place to limit capacity in the studio and to allow enough time for thorough cleaning and disinfecting between clients. Please be mindful of these changes as we reopen and start booking appointments. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process!

If you are a higher risk individual due to health concerns (ie. pre-existing condition, chronic illness, immunocompromised, elderly, etc.), we are happy to coordinate special accommodations for you in order to make your visit as safe as possible.

Appointments will be made by priority and will go as follows:

  1. Clients whose appointment had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 closure
  2. Clients who purchased a Gift Certificate
  3. Regular clients
  4. New clients

Safety Protocol:

Mandatory Mask Usage

  • Please bring your own mask
  • You must wear a face mask at all times when in the studio, only except while receiving the following services: Upper Lip Threading, Chin Threading, Neck Threading, Sideburn/Cheek Threading, Full Face Threading
  • Masks must fit securely and be worn properly, covering the mouth and nose. Masks must also be made of at least two layers of tightly woven material (such as cotton or linen)
  • For more information on proper mask usage read here:
  • ADVICE FROM THE GURU: We recommend that you wear a mask that is clean or new in order to avoid any potential breakouts in applicable areas post-threading that will be covered with a mask after the service is complete

Capacity Limits

  • Only one person will be allowed into the studio at a time
  • Please arrive to your appointment alone
  • Please arrive to your appointment on time to allow for adequate time to clean and disinfect in between clients
  • If you arrive early, wait outside the building until it is time for your appointment
  • Late appointments are subject to cancellation
  • You will be kindly asked to leave the studio promptly after your appointment is done

Health Measures and Sanitization

  • Clients will be provided with hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the studio
  • Please refrain from touching or contacting any surfaces in the studio un-necessarily during your appointment
  • There will be plastic storage bins for you to place your belongings in, which will be cleaned and disinfected between clients. Please bring minimal belongings to your appointment
  • Please take off your shoes outside of the studio
  • All tools and surfaces in the studio including the brow table, belongings bins, and high-touch-points (tables, door-handles, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each client
  • The Brow Guru will be wearing a face mask and face shield for the duration of every appointment
  • Please note that the bathroom will not be available for use at this time. Please plan accordingly
  • No food or beverages are to be consumed in the studio
  • Read more about provincially recommended health and safety procedures here:

Pre-Appointment Questionnaire and Self-Assessment

Please fill out this form immediately before your appointment:

The purpose of this questionnaire is to screen incoming clients for COVID-19 symptoms (self-assessment section), as well as to create a client visit record for contact tracing in case there is a need for you and other clients to be notified

  • In the event of this happening, the information provided in this form will be shared with Ottawa Public Health to support effective contact tracing
  • Please be assured that your information will be kept private otherwise
  • This is a necessary protocol in accordance with Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario’s re-opening guidelines for personal care and esthetic services
  • Read more here:
  • Also read more here: (Important note: This document was published after Stage 2 was announced and an updated Stage 3 COVID-19 Prevention Checklist for Esthetic Services has not yet been made available by Ottawa Public Health)

Thank-you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transitional time as we gradually and safely reopen The Brow Guru. This Reopening Plan was carefully created to ensure that the health and safety of our clients and the community is prioritized first and foremost.

We hope to #bless your brows soon. But until then, stay safe & stay fuzzy!